Meet the local retailers at Grand Plaza

Our local businesses are the heart and soul of our Centre. They’re the people behind your daily juice, your dry cleaned clothes, and your skincare routine. Now, we’re here to share the stories behind each one of them. Get to know our local retailers below, so that next time you drop in to support their business, they’ll know you’re here for them, too.

Meet Susanne

Susanne and the team at dusk take the time to understand what each customer is looking for and do everything they can to ensure each visit to dusk is a happy and enjoyable experience. Read more about Susanne’s favourite scents, regular customers and more.

read Susanne's story here

Meet Joanne

Joanne and the team at Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor are well known for their bespoke arrangements for all occasions. Read more about Joanne’s flourishing business, passion for floristry and interesting hobby.

read Joanne's story here

Meet Narell

Narell and the team at Boost Juice have made a name for themselves at Grand Plaza. They don’t just serve the centre’s customers, they also offer a delivery service to the staff at other Grand Plaza stores.

read Narell's story here

Meet Jason & Kelsey

Meet the team behind the delicious & fun frozen yoghurts at Yo-Get-It!

read Jason & Kelsey's story here

Meet Peter

Peter Reddy and his family made the move to Australia from South Africa many years ago to run Shingle Inn Grand Plaza. Read more about their story.

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