Meet Treigh from Johnny Bigg

News| 27th July 2022
Meet Treigh from Johnny Bigg
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Get to know the new Store Manager at Johnny Bigg, Treigh Sialapae, who’s passionate about helping his customers feel their very best.

Q: Tell us a little about your retail experience and history with Johnny Bigg.  
A: Johnny Bigg was the first company to offer me a job in my retail career. The 7th of July 2022 marked my 2nd year in the Johnny Bigg family, and I’ve been fortunate to have worked for them both in New Zealand and Australia. Since moving to Australia in July, I’ve worked at multiple stores within Brisbane until becoming the Assistant Store Manager at Browns Plains and then moving into the position of Store Manager, all within 7 months.

Q: What’s one fashion tip that you think all men should know? 
A: It’s not always about how you look, it’s also about how you feel. To elaborate, never sacrifice comfort for “looks” and always hold yourself high. Sometimes, it’s confidence that’s most appealing, rather than the way we look. “When you feel good, you look good - and when you look good, you feel good.”

The team at Johnny Bigg provide an excellent experience, including styling advice. Their range is created with the big and tall guy in mind.

Q: Tell us about some of your regular customers, or standout memory with a customer.
A: Browns Plains is such a homely shopping centre that bring in some of the greatest people. To love my job, I need to love the people I serve. The Grand Plaza community is second to none, we have the most diverse customer base filled with happy-go-lucky people.

Q: What is the most rewarding and enjoyable part of your job?
A: Seeing the smile on people’s faces when they leave our store knowing that they love what just bought for themselves, and seeing our customers look in the mirror wearing something completely out of their comfort zone and loving it. Plus, the conversations too, they make our days and sometimes even our weeks, it’s always full of banter & laughter. 

Q: What’s one thing you feel Johnny Bigg does very well when it comes to Men’s fashion?
We cover all categories, and we understand what our customer not only wants, but needs.

Offering a diverse product mix, including suiting, shirting, chinos, denim, dressy and casual styles as well as footwear and accessories, Johnny Bigg provides versatility and a complete wardrobe for the bigger and taller guy, ensuring the highest quality and fits across their range.

Q: What do you love about the Grand Plaza community so far?
The fact that it really does feel like a community is what I love. I always hear of other shopping centres where there is no communication between Store Managers, never mind Centre Management and Security, but here at Grand Plaza we all chat and we all get along. 

Q: What is something about yourself that people might not know?
I was once a size 4XL, I’m currently an XL - 2XL so I understand the way our customer thinks in terms of how they look in the mirror and how they feel with clothes that fit well and look great. I also own my own clothing brand, men’s fashion really is a passion of mine. 


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