Meet Jason & Kelsey from Yo Get It

News| 17th October 2021
Meet Jason & Kelsey from Yo Get It
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Jason and Kelsey bring frozen yoghurt goodness to Grand Plaza with Yo-Get-It! With a fun mini-game where you get your frozen yoghurt for free if you correctly guess the weight, the team at Yo-Get-It believe in creating experiences, not just transactions.

Jason and Kelsey Martin started their sweet love story many years ago meeting through work. Now they both share a love of Fro-Yo and a passion for excellence in customer service. The pair are a dynamic duo always going the extra mile to provide customers with a memorable experience. We caught up with them both to find out what keeps the love of frozen yoghurt alive and well.

Q.    Can you tell us about how you met and got involved in Yo-Get-It?

A.    “Jason and I met in Singapore. Fast forward a few years and I moved interstate to QLD to be with Jase and we started our first store in November 2019 and soon after that opened up here at Grand Plaza”

 Yo-Get-It is a unique offer in centre and one of the newest arrivals to the Grand Plaza Food Court.  

Q. Can you tell us what you think is special about the Grand Plaza community?

A. Kelsey says, “It’s not very often you go into a shopping centre where you feel that community vibe. I think we’re really fortunate to be part of such a great community here at Grand Plaza.”

Jason agrees, “We’ve had fantastic first impressions of everybody here. I think the thing we really resonate with is the huge diversity of the customer base here. There are people from different backgrounds, different cultures and different ages. This means as a business need to think about all of those different types of people and how we can meet their needs.”

Yo-Get-It specialises in a variety of different flavours of self-serve frozen yoghurt and the best part is you can be healthy or indulgent, with all the extra’s and toppings, depending on your mood. The concept sees customers paying by weight with the store engaging patrons in some fun by asking them to ‘guess the weight’ to get their purchase for free.  

Q. Is there a specific memory or highlight in your time at Grand Plaza so far?

A. Kelsey says, “Definitely our grand opening. We opened on a Sunday. There were lots of people around. It was really great and lots of people actually tasted frozen yoghurt for the first time!”

Both Kelsey and Jason believe strongly in exceptional customer service and train their staff to maintain this consistent and enjoyable experience that goes beyond a simple purchase.

Q. What is the secret behind your exceptional customer service?

Kelsey clarifies this by saying, “We don’t necessarily call it customer service. We strive to service our customer. We create an experience here not just a transaction.”

 Q. What keeps you going in business?

 Kelsey laughs, “The thing that keeps me going and keeps my energy levels up quite high is introducing the product to new customers. A customer comes through for the first time, they’ve never had frozen yoghurt before and we say come and have a free sample. Their face when they first try lights up. Their reaction is priceless. They walk away with a big smile and we’ve made that impact on that person’s day. That is what keeps me going.”

 Jason has a very similar answer, “For me it’s the experience of a young kid trying fro-yo for the first time. We give them a high five, ask them what their name is and it makes them have a fun and enjoyable experience so then they want to come back and do it again.

 Q. Favourite flavour?

 Kelsey, “Chocolate all the way!”

Jason, “Hands down salted caramel”

Yo-Get-It are now also offering delicious Acai bowls on the menu.

Yo-Get-It can be found in Grand Plaza’s Food Court, opposite Event Cinemas.

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