Meet Joanne from Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor

News| 6th April 2022
Meet Joanne from Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor
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If you’re looking for local fresh flowers with a creative touch, look no further than Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor. We sat down with Business Owner, Joanne Irvin, to learn more about her flourishing business, passion for floristry and interesting hobby.

Q: How did Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor come about and how long have you been in operation?
A: I’ve been a florist for over 25 years and have worked in and managed a number of retail businesses. I was given the opportunity to buy Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor at Grand Plaza and jumped at the chance, without hesitation. Nearly 6 years on, though there has been some tough times and a lot of hard work, it’s been the most rewarding time in my career.

Q: What makes Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor special?
A: Not only do I believe we have the best flowers in town, we are a one stop shop that also offers gift lines, like Glasshouse candles and fragrances. We are very grateful and genuinely care for our customers, I think that’s what makes us stand out from the others. We offer a personalised touch, and our customers always leave with a smile.

Joanne and the team are well known for their bespoke arrangements for all occasions. They take pride in personalising arrangements to suit changing customer needs and source best-in-class fresh flowers daily. You can also grab a ‘just because’ arrangement on the go with a selection of styles and colours ready to choose from. Plus, they deliver Brisbane wide – sent with love!

Q: Tell us about some of your regular customers
A: I’ve worked in Grand Plaza Shopping Centre for a long time, well before I came to own Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor. There are so many customers I’ve known for a long time now, it’s like we’ve ‘grown up’ together. A lot of our customers share family photos and news with us, or often just pop in to tell us a joke and say hello. We love it.

Q: What do you love about the Grand Plaza community?
A: People here are genuinely hard working, family orientated, down to earth and just trying to get through this crazy thing called life! They enjoy a chat and I’ve formed some lovely friendships over the years.

As a community focused centre, Grand Plaza has been home to returning customers since its opening. Joanne and her team have become a respected and well-loved part of the community, sharing in celebrations and commiserations with their many regulars. Joanne is a local herself, so understands the local area and its people.

Q: Tell us about something that made your day recently
A: I’d mentioned it was my birthday to a customer a few weeks back and they came back with a small gift and a card that said, ‘Happy Belated Birthday’!

Q: What is your favourite flower?
A: Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids are unique in that they may rebloom right away if the flower spike is cut just below the lowest bud after the first blooms fade. Flower colour can be solid, spotted or striped in shades of white, pink, yellow, purple and green.

Q: What is something about yourself that people might not know?
A: In the very small amount of spare time I have, my hobby is making and decorating doll houses. I really love the miniature dollhouse world!

You’ll find Vintage Loves Flowers & Decor in the Woolworths Mall.


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