Meet Peter and his family at Shingle Inn Grand Plaza

News| 27th October 2021
Meet Peter and his family at Shingle Inn Grand Plaza
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Peter Reddy and his family made the move to Australia from South Africa many years ago to run Shingle Inn Grand Plaza. Peter, his wife Padmini (Patsy), daughter Melisha and son Niveshan all work in the well-known and beloved café on the mall. We caught up with Peter to chat about his business.

Q.    Can you tell us about Shingle Inn Grand Plaza and your family’s role?

Peter runs the business as Franchisee alongside his family with their tenure now approaching ten years. They originally moved from South Africa to New Zealand. A number of their friends decided to move to Australia, and they followed suit dreaming of great weather and good people. They haven’t looked back.

“My son and daughter also work in the business. Melisha is an award-winning Barista after winning Shingle Inn’s ‘Barista of the Year’ accolade nation-wide. Of course, her brother jokes that he taught her everything he knows!”

Q. What is the secret to running a successful business at Grand Plaza?

“For us it’s about providing good service to our customers. This makes us happy and in turn the customer happy. You’ve got to have a lot of respect for your customers and provide them with great service so that they want to return”.

 Peter goes on to explain, “You’ve got to love what you do. If you are not dedicated to your business, then you are in the wrong business.”

Shingle Inn, a well-established brand offering a contemporary café style sit down menu as well as bakery and coffee options, often attracts many loyal followers. Peter often talks about the needs of his customers and providing them consistently good service.

The Shingle Inn brand itself is over 85 years old, as a result a lot of senior customers connect with the brand and Peter explains can sometimes tell them a lot more about the brand story than he can!

Q. Can you give us an example of why working in the hospitality business is so rewarding?

Peter explains that working on a brand with so much history in the community means that customers often share stories of how their grandparents used to visit and what they used to order. His whole family finds this an enjoyable experience.

Sometimes though it’s the everyday little things that make a difference.

 ‘A little boy came with his Mum to the store and after I served them and greeted them good day he turned around and he said to me ‘you’re a very good man’! Such nice words from a little person.”

 Q. Is there a specific memory or highlight in your working life you would like to share?

 Peter is an experienced baker by trade and worked on many high-profile events during his years working abroad.

 A: “I ended up baking a cake for Nelson Mandela!”

 Whilst Nelson Mandela’s birthday cake is no longer on the menu you will be sure to find many a tasty treat at Shingle Inn.

 Shingle Inn can be found opposite Big W on the Woolworths Mall of Grand Plaza.

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