YOUth Matter

16 Jul 2019

Grand Plaza in partnership with yourtown are excited to announce that we are working to deliver an interactive and educational YOUth Matter program. This program will be aimed at improving engagement and support to young people accessing Grand Plaza. 

The free program aims to provide access to core life skills workshops, focusing on interactive personal development workshops and goal setting.

Community guest speakers, along with Centre Management representatives and centre retailers, will connect and address the group to build the young people’s connection to local opportunities and support services. 

The program will be delivered weekly, with the youth being supported by a case manager to engage in full time education, training and employment.

This program has the ability for youth to enrol at any stage during the first six weeks (i.e. if spaces become available) as they can roll into the next intake to complete modules missed.

For more information on how you can be involved, contact the Customer Service Desk on (07) 3800 7700.