Australian Geographic Rebrand

10 Oct 2019

We are excited to announce that the Australian Geographic has rebranded to Curious Planet.



Australian Geographic is an iconic Australian retailer, trading since 1991. The brand was originally established by Dick Smith AC in 1986 as a magazine focusing on Australian adventure stories. In 1991 the magazine expanded into stores becoming Australia's leading retailer of discovery products such as telescopes, globes, books, coding, robotics and weather stations.


After extensive market research and in mutual agreement with Australian Geographic magazine, they have chosen to rebrand their 66 stores and website. This will allow for a new and relevant name and logo, and for them to move forward owning our own brand and building brand equity. 


They feel that this this new name more accurately represents who they are and who they want to become; an award winning omnichannel retailer, with a range of carefully curated product offerings, exceptional product knowledge and customer care. They will still use the tagline of Feeding Curious Minds, providing brand continuity and inspiring their customers.