At Grand Plaza, our focus is on creating a centre that excites and engages our customers, enhances our communities and offers much more than an exceptional retailer experience.

We have made some significant steps forward in progressing our sustainability strategy. Please see below for more information.

Solar panels
We are excited to be joining the growing number of Vicinity Centres able to utilise clean, renewable energy from their solar installations to help power the centre, reduce our reliance on the national grid and make a positive environmental impact for the local community.

Rainwater in toilets
The average flush of a toilet in Australia, uses up to 4.5 litres of water. To combat the overuse of water that flushing a toilet involves, the majority of Grand Plaza toilets were changed over to rainwater from our 100,000 litres of water storage.

Waste management
Waste management and recycling is an important part of our sustainability program. Our aim is to recycle as much material and send as little to landfill as possible, which reduces our impact on the environment.

Please see the below waste management / recycling procedures we have in place with our retailers and customers, to ensure we are doing everything we can to make a difference.

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard are a major recycling stream, that can easily be made back into new products.

Mixed recycling

Glass, aluminium and steel containers

Soft plastics recycling

For clear plastics such as bubble wrap and plastic film.

Oil recycling

We have our own oil recovery equipment, which means used oils can be fully recycled.

Pulp master

With the help of our fantastic retailers, our food waste is turned into sustainable organic fertiliser and green energy.

Container buy back

Partnering with Queensland Container Recycling, we are able to divert containers from landfill.

At Grand Plaza, we are continuing to work together with our retailers to improve our waste diversion and recycling.