Keen for a road trip? Get your car ready

14 Jul 2020

The best thing about a road trip is that the second you leave your front door, the adventure has started. Road trips are about the journey itself, not just the stops you make. But before you can feel the wind in your hair and watch the kilometres tick over it’s worth preparing your car for the hard yards to come.

Get it serviced
When was the last time you checked the oil, battery or brakes? If it’s been a while since your last full service and you’re planning to hit the wide open highways it’s better to play it safe and have your car checked over by a professional. Book a general service at MyCar so you can blast tunes and cruise along without worries. 

Check those tyres
If you remember to service your car regularly, then pat yourself on the back. Nicely done! But while the engine will be in order, your tyres could always be a little low on air. Before any big trip it’s worth dropping into Woolworths Petrol to test your tyre pressure and check your water levels.

Strap in your fur babies
You always wear a seatbelt, of course, but what about your furry friends? Strapping your dogs with a safety harness in the backseat is easy and inexpensive. Just like a human seat belt, a dog seat belt absorbs deceleration forces and reduces injury. Very simple, very essential. Kmart sells all things dog safety from a simple car tether for $3, through to a full car seat to keep your precious fur baby safe.

Wash and wax
Want to experience that new car feel? Don’t we all. Whether it’s just a quick hand wash and vacuum, or you’re after a more premium, full service detail and deep clean, the team at Oz Shine Hand Carwash will have your wheels looking like new again. Leave it to the experts!