Easy Breezy Free Parking

05 Jun 2018

4 Hour Parking Restrictions do not apply if you shop and stay in centre*.

Grand Plaza is committed to providing the best customer experience to its shoppers from the moment they enter the car park.

To ensure ample parking is available to customers, particularly during peak periods the car park is monitored by Secure Parking who have engaged Traffic Monitoring Services (TMS).

Follow our Easy Guide to Parking and you and your family can enjoy your visit without parking stress.

What are the parking conditions at Grand Plaza?

• All retailers and their staff who work within Grand Plaza are permitted to park on-site for free; however they must park in allocated spaces only.
• Restrictions will apply to CBD / City Centre or surrounding business workers who will not be permitted to park in the Centre’s car parks whilst working.
• The owners of those cars not adhering to the new terms and conditions will be issued with a $77.00 Non-compliance Breach Notice. If paid within 14 days, the breach notice will be reduced to $66.00. Breach notices will not apply to shoppers who do not leave the centre.

Shoppers who do not leave the centre while parking at Grand Plaza can continue to park in any location for any period of time at no cost.


What happens if I’ve been issued with a breach notice?

TMS offer a fair and equitable appeals process. If you are a genuine customer and believe you have received a breach notice in error, please visit our friendly team at the Customer Service Desk located near Best & Less or call 07 3800 7700.


If you have any further questions regarding this initiative please contact Centre Management on 07 3800 7700 or click here for terms and conditions.