About our changed parking arrangements

24 Aug 2016

Why is Grand Plaza introducing car park monitoring?

Grand Plaza wants to ensure that it remains a convenient and accessible shopping centre. Providing our customers with convenient car parking is important to us. A study undertaken on the centre’s car park has indicated that almost 32% of cars in the car park were parked longer than 4hrs. Based on shopping patterns of our customers, it was determined that the majority of these cars were not owned by people shopping in the centre. Over recent months a spike in customer complaints regarding the lack of available parking was also recorded.


How will cars be monitored?

Grand Plaza have engaged Secure Parking to monitor the car parks through a “Licence Plate Recognition System” (LPRS). It involves a car with a mounted camera that scans and records licence plates. At the end of the allowed parking period, the vehicle returns and rescans the car parks. Any cars noted as exceeding the allowed time limits will be issued with a breach notice.


What are the parking restrictions?

Vehicles will be allowed to park within the centre for a maximum of 4 hours. The monitoring will take place between 8am and 5pm daily.


What about staff parking?

Centre Management held a retailer information session to discuss the new parking arrangements and overall staff were pleased with the centre's decision to implement the new system. Grand Plaza staff parked in the centre's allocated staff parking area will not be restricted to time limits and will not receive breach notices. Non-staff who park in this area however will receive breach notices. All centre staff are required to register their details with our customer service desk located outside Best and Less. 


Who benefits from the breach notices?

As this system is run by Secure Parking, they receive all income generated from the breach notices. Grand Plaza does not receive any income or payments from Secure Parking.


When will this commence?

Secure Parking will commence monitoring the car parks from Thursday 1 September 2016. A warning period will apply for 1 month. During this period, vehicles breaching the parking regulations will be provided with a warning notice. After the warning period has finished, breach notices will be issued.


How much is the breach notice?

Currently the breach notice is set at $77.00 which is reduced to $66.00 if paid within 14 days.


What happens if genuine shoppers receive a breach notice?

We do understand that your shopping may take longer than 4 hours from time to time, so if you do receive an infringement please visit Centre Management to discuss. Alternatively please call Centre Management on 07 3800 7700. 


What is the benefit of the new parking arrangement?

Grand Plaza aspires to be a hub for the communities we serve. We strive to provide an enjoyable meeting place for our customers and make a positive contribution to the communities where we operate. We want to deliver exceptional shopping experiences - convenient and accessible car parking is the first step in ensuring we can meet this goal.


If you have any questions regarding this initiative please contact Centre Management on 07 3800 7700 or click here for terms and conditions.