Meet Dee, the Heart & Soul of Grand Plaza Skin & Beauty

News| 9th September 2021
Meet Dee, the Heart & Soul of Grand Plaza Skin & Beauty
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Grand Plaza Skin & Beauty is one of our longest-running retailers in the centre, having been trading there for 19 years! We spoke to Dee, the owner of Grand Plaza Skin & Beauty on what makes her business tick.

Q.    How as the centre changed in 19 years of trading and what has stayed the same?

A.   We seem to be one of the oldest retailers left in the mall. It’s changed as older retailers slowly started leaving. There are new faces, new stores, and new members of centre management. This is what we call evolution of retailers! Fresh faces, fresh stores, new ideas, and concepts. 

Dee’s store has won multiple awards over its 19 years of operating and has introduced big international brands like Dermalogica & Ultraceuticals to the region. Some of Grand Plaza Skin & Beauty’s accolades & achievements include:

-          Certified Ultra Skin Health Check Clinic (2017)

-          Gold Clinic Status Partner with Ultraceuticals (2021)

-          Silver Clinic Status Partner with Dermalogica (2021)

-          All therapists are Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified (2020) 

-          A Grand Plaza Retailer of the Quarter (Jan-Mar 2019) (& many previous years!)

-          Ultraceuticals Partner Award – the longest business to have Ultraceuticals in the whole of Queensland (for 18 years!) 

 A family business, Dee and her family have taken their passion for skin to the next level by advancing techniques, following the latest trends and using cutting edge technology where skin meets science.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience in the beauty business?

A. My background is Science as I have a degree in Health Science. I worked managing the Health Informatics Unit at a hospital for 8 years prior to this and I am passionate about science & skin. Technology is the way forward, and because of this, we have been able to take our business in the direction where we can achieve real visible results using science & relaxation. I am a qualified beauty therapist as well, and I have 13 years’ experience in beauty at this salon - 13 years of transforming people’s skin & confidence!

Being such a long-term business in the centre, Grand Plaza Skin & Beauty has built relationships with regular customers over the years. Not just customers, but friends of the business too – those who come in-store just to say hello, or ask how they are doing as a family in the good and bad times. Customers even bake goodies for the team when they know they have busy days!

 “I have customers who drop flowers off to us for being special to them, or for helping them with their skin & beauty needs. I even have a customer who travels from Central Queensland to visit us to get her treatments done because she only trusts us with her skin.”

Dee’s motivation to help people comes from seeing how much people’s skin impacts their confidence and happiness. She wants to educate & help people and deliver real and visible results every day.

 “What motivates me is results. We like to make a change in people’s skin by empowering them to love the skin they are in, and by giving them the tools and products to use at home to achieve these results. By giving our customers unique customised treatments in-salon makes them feel relaxed, encouraged, and motivated to care for their skin. We have helped the confidence of young teens many times dealing with acne - treating their skin to give them confidence and teaching them self-love and self-worth.”

Q. Is there a specific event or instance you can think of that has made your day recently – for example a customer you’ve really helped?

 A. A few weeks ago, we had a client who came in for a facial treatment. She had recently lost her husband who I knew. While she was having her facial, I noticed it was her birthday and I remembered that her husband used to buy her a voucher to see us for her birthday each year. So, I gifted her the facial then took her for coffee. I bought her a coffee & cake and celebrated with her. This made my day by making her smile. Her husband would’ve wanted this. Helping someone in a way like this is so fulfilling. 

Grand Plaza Skin & Beauty can be found at the Woolworths’ Entrance of Grand Plaza.

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