Get to know Lyvante Su'emai

News| 22nd June 2020
Get to know Lyvante Su'emai
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Name: Lyvante Su’emai
Age: 17 years old
Year level at Marsden State High School: Year 12

What sport do you excel in? Athletics – field events: discus, shot put and hammer throw

Tell us a bit about yourself and your achievements:
I was born and raised in Logan to a very awesome and supportive family. Being the third youngest, I’ve always been inspired by my parents and siblings in any context. Sport was a very prominent aspect in our lives – dad played rugby and basketball, mum was a volleyball and basketball player too – so it was no surprise that they enrolled all of us in a sport: athletics. I was never keen on any of the throwing events at first, but when I saw my siblings smashing it in the circle and achieving great things, I was motivated to strive for that success.

I’ve been very fortunate to represent Marsden at the Melanesian Champs in 2018 and Oceania Champs in 2019. With the help of my family (coach is my dad), Mr Carapeto and the Marsden community, we were able to place first in women’s U18 discus and shot put. The support from everyone was really humbling and encouraged me to extend my previous goals.

How has the community supported you?
The Marsden SHS community has supported me a lot leading up to every competition, or to achieve my sporting and even academic aspirations. Mr Carapeto introduced me to the gym and he really influenced my drive and motivation when overcoming physical (and even mental) barriers.

It is really inspiring to see all of our upcoming Makos (even our Marsden alumni) achieving phenomenal things and showcasing excellence at Marsden. This reassured me mentally, knowing that I’m contributing to the next generation of Makos.

How has Grand Plaza positively impacted or assisted you?
Mr Hartigan enrolled a group of us (Marsden SHS students) into one of Grand Plaza’s programs. I remember being challenged to expand my boundaries and reach for those goals I would never have considered previously. Mr Hartigan also enabled me to use my singing talents to perform live in Grand Plaza’s food court. It is such a positive environment at Grand Plaza and the staff are amazing individuals.

Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?
In 10 years’ time I would like to have competed in the 2024/2028 Olympics in any throwing discipline. I hope that I graduated from college with a degree (that I decided on) and I have a job that allows me to give back to my family and the Marsden community.

What are your favourite stores at Grand Plaza?
Natural Fresh – Really nice food and people – I love the chicken katsu curry.
Event Cinemas – I used to go here all the time when we were little for quality family time.
Kmart is cool too.

Photographed left to right: Destiny Brill (student), Lyvante Su'emai (student).

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