10 cheap and fun ideas for kids at home

News| 25th March 2020
10 cheap and fun ideas for kids at home
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When the kids are at home on school break or otherwise you need a toolkit of activities to keep them busy. Sure, watching TV from 9-5 sounds amazing to them, but you know better. Challenge your children to these offline activities and get their imaginations firing (so you can get back to work).

Paper plane making
There’s no activity more classic than paper plane making. Give your kids five pieces of paper each and challenge them to make the best paper plane. Have them find tutorials on YouTube and return with the final results ready for a contest. You can give prizes for the best and longest flights.

Let’s bake!
Encourage your kids to cook by starting with sweets. There are plenty of low-effort, high-reward recipes out there where kids can get involved without the use of knives or more dangerous objects. Start with something simple like decorating pre-made cookies, or mix up a batch of brownies together. With Easter just around the corner, kids can help prep these cute cornflake chocolate nests here.

Popcorn & movie time
Carve out a few hours for yourself or plan a family movie night with a family flick and big bag of popcorn. It’s worth having a few of those microwave pouches for freshly popped corn on demand. It will make Friday night flicks at home feel all the more special!

Get creative with drawing
Bring out the little artist within during a creative drawing or colouring-in session. Depending on the ages and skill levels of your kids, consider setting up different artistic challenges for them to complete. Make a fruity still life and have them draw it using different materials like pens or collage, or have them draw continuous line portraits of each other.

Treasure hunt
Whether the Easter Bunny has visited, or you’re just looking for a silly Sunday idea – a treasure hunt with clues or treats stashed around the backyard or house is an ideal way to get kids off the couch and moving about.

Build a blanket fort
Let imaginations run wild by allowing kids to use furniture, sheets, pegs and random objects to build their own fort or cubby house in the lounge or backyard. Free play like this is proven to build creativity in young minds – and it might just keep them off your back for a whole afternoon.

There’s plenty of amazing books for kids of all ages and interests out there - you just need to find the right fit. After all, books have been keeping people entertained since, well, since the invention of printing. Check out QBD Bookshop, Kmart, Big W and Target for a great range of titles for all ages.

Chase bugs and butterflies
Send kids into the garden and spark their curiosity with a hunt for colourful beetles and pretty butterflies. Encourage your child to draw each critter before they release them back into the wild. These Creeper Keepers are just $2.75 each at Big W.

Picnic outside
Get back to basics with a cute picnic lunch together. Plan a menu of finger food and tasty treats and take it to the backyard, local park or even your lounge room. Best of all, have the whole family picnic inside the blanket fort they made! No cutlery needed.

Chalk on the driveway
Let budding artists have their way using concrete as their canvas to create large-scale drawings with chalk. At the end of the day, let them hose it off so the concrete is dry and ready for the next day. Look to Dollars & Sense, Overflow or Stacks Discounts for buckets of jumbo chalk.

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